"Before the Syrian war, there were already constant migratory fluxes; the use of pressing policies only deviated some of the existing physical routes"

Xavier Aragall. Political Science expert on migrations. Researcher at the European Institute of the Mediterranean, in Barcelona. 

jordi calvo

"War is made with weapons; with the weapons of many companies that are now promoting and benefiting from the business of building a fortress in Europe"

Jordi Calvo. Economist. Director of the Pau Delàs Peace Study Center, in Barcelona. Researcher in peace and security matters. University professor, specialized in conflict resolution, armament and the economy of defense and cooperation. 

"The african kids have been left with only two options: to choose between a boat or a 'kalashnikov' as a way of survival"

Mbuyi Kabunda.
Doctor in International Relations and African Studies. Professor at UAM.

Fausto Meluso

"Outsourcing wall borders allows you not to witness with your own eyes the consequences of your own policies"

Fausto Meluso. Member Delegate of ARCI, a migrant support organization in Palermo.

Francisco Ramos

"The agency supports [UE] Member States in the outsourced borders, when they need to reinforce security and processing of migrants."

Francisco Ramos. Operations Coordinator of Frontex in Lesbos (Greece).

Claire Rodier

"The business of migratory security begins in Europe during the years 2000 and is closely linked to two main aspects: the fight against terrorism and the fight against irregular immigration"

Claire Rodier. Lawyer and co-founder of the Observatory of migrations, Migreurope, in Paris. Expert on asylum and immigration. Author of the book ‘Xénophobie Business’

Reinhard Kreissl

"Every step towards a stricter border regime is automatically translated into new business opportunities for the security industry."


Reinhard Kreissl. Sociologist. He was a member of an EU advisory group for the security research program. 

Teresa Vázquez

"Melilla has been a testing laboratory in relation to the outsourcing of borders and the investment in security techniques to prevent that migratory flows cross that border"

Teresa Vázquez. Lawyer from CEAR, a migrant support organization in Melilla (Spain).

Catherine Woollard

"These terrorist attacks have nothing to do with refugees. I will not explain to the mainstream European media why it has nothing to do, because a Google search will have 'refugees' and 'terrorism' coming together"

Catherine Woollard. General Secretary of ECRE (European Council on Refugees and Exiles).

Sirin Aldbi

"Islamophobia is concentrating in racist, colonial and sexist structures that were first born 500 years ago"


Sirin Aldbi. Doctor in Mediterranian International Studies, and Political and Democratical Science Theorist at UAM. Author of The jail of feminism.

Arcadi Oliveres

"International organizations are control entities, built around the interests of the winners of the Second World War."


Arcadi Oliveres. Economist and founder of the non-profit organization Justicia i Pau in Barcelona.